8 inch heel boots

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Sexy 8 inch heel boots for strippers, burlesque performers, and pole dancers

Browse our selection of 8 inch heel boots. Because you demand the best! Stripper shoes, stripper boots, burlesque shoes, burlesque boots, pole dance shoes, pole dance boots, stripper clothes, burlesque corsets, and much more!


Pleaser shoes, are the sexiest shoes in existence today, bottom line! Quite simply, it is because Pleaser sets the standard in quality that other makers are rated by! Because All shoes made by Pleaser, are innovative, superiorly crafted, original, all at a great price! Because when it comes to pole dance shoes, you deserve the best, so accept nothing less!

Pinup Couture

Offering a range of unique styles. Stilettos, platform wedges, retro slides, peep toe pumps, in an array of original style and coloring! In conclusion, when it comes to Pinup model shoes, accept nothing less!


Bondage S&M style footwear. Because we are not only fans of fetish footwear, we are connoisseurs!


Halloween Style Footwear. Catoring shoes and boots to costume themed events and costume parties.


Created especially for burlesque performers.Bringing back old time glamour and lavisheness!

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Spiked Heel Lace Up Platform Ankle Boot
Product Info: Brand:
Color: Black
Sizes: 6-12


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Burlesque Baller

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