About Burlesque Baller

About Burlesque Baller


To know more about Burlesque Baller, we begin the story of how I, Sean Gugerty came to start the company. Living in Tucson Arizona, a hot spot for Dancers, somehow I wasn’t a big fan of strip clubs until my mid twenties. I just didn’t grasp the concept or understand it’s enjoyment until I met my good friend Calisto. (We wont mention the traumatizing experience of border hopping when I was 19 that almost ruined Strip clubs for me 😥 )

With a bit of peer pressure I quickly became hooked!

Calisto was a regular at a local gentlemen’s cabaret called “The Raiders Reef”. In a short so was I! Because the drinks were so cheap, and the monthly cover was seven dollars, who could resist?

I wasn’t much into buying dances, but rather drinks! By no means am I saying the amazing pole tricks some of these ladies pulled off were not super entertaining! A banker can only fork over so much cash however!

A past girlfriend drug me along to a local Burlesque event saying, “If you goto the strip club so much, why not watch a performance with some class for a change?” I of coarse disagree greatly on her comment but man was that Burlesque show amazing!

Over the years I have come to appreciate both Burlesque and Exotic Dancers, and some became my really good friends. Because I don’t hang out with unmotivated people, the strippers I have surrounded myself with hustle hard!

I was always curious as to how much my Stripper friends made at my favorite hangout. Because it is a job with such high variance, to have a dancer calculate their annual income is no easy task. As a result I turned to google for the answer.

The Numbers as Google sees them

Shockingly enough, a stripper’s annual salary ranges widely between 19,653 – $122,890 annually. Because there is such a wide range from the struggling to the elite, something as simple as wardrobe can play a critical role in your success.

Whats even worse, the majority of Burlesque Performers don’t even acquire enough work to do it full time. The few that do succeed in full time employment in their trade of preference, make under 40 thousand a year average.

Despite it not being the most profitable of  markets, I love the ladies involved in adult entertainment and it didn’t take me very long to conclude this was the market for me! It’s hard enough work as it is, and lets be honest, pole dance shoes are expensive!

Burlesque Baller’s mission is to provide not only Sexy, quality merchandise, but do so at a great price! We greatly appreciate your business, and if there is anything we can do to make your experience better, please let us know!

-Sean Gugerty CEO of The Burlesque Baller

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